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Who we are

Hyatt & Hyatt, PLLC is more than a family firm.  Our commitment to the legal profession and clients has led both Darrell and Jonathan to achieve recognition in our respective fields by becoming Board Certified.  Darrell, a former Judge, is Board Certified in the area of Family Law, while Jonathan, a former Prosecutor, is Board Certified in the area of Criminal Law.  Board Certification is a result of recommendations from peers, experience and testing conducted by the Board of Legal Specialization.


Darrell HyattJonathan Hyatt

Consisting of a father and son duo that combines experience with expertise, Hyatt & Hyatt is dedicated to zealous, effective representation. The focus of our firm is family. Whether you or a loved one is facing criminal allegations, divorce proceedings, a child custody dispute, the death of a loved one, succession planning, or immigration issues, Hyatt & Hyatt has the know-how and resources to help you address and potentially overcome these obstacles.

Don't just listen to us, here's a couple of reasons why being Board Certified matters:

Every attorney in our firm is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.