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Who we are

The Hyatt & Hyatt Difference

Hyatt & Hyatt brings a variety of experience to Criminal Defense. Darrell’s time as a judge and prosecutor and Jonathan’s experience in prosecution and appeals enable us to provide zealous and effective representation throughout the pendency of your case. We bring an understanding of both the process and how the law is applied to your situation, whether it’s a traffic ticket or a felony offense. 

We are client-focused and results-driven.

When approaching the potential litigation of a Criminal Offense, oftentimes, the process is more important than what is charged.  Issues can arise out of a warrant, detention, statement or literally the language of the charged offense.  Because of this, it is important to have counsel that is willing and able to leave no stone unturned.  You need an attorney that will comb through the evidence, go to the scene, and meet you when you're available.  That's the Hyatt & Hyatt difference.  In addition to our experience with the law, we bring an understanding and appreciation that life happens outside of the Monday through Friday 8:00-5:00 schedule.  We meet clients after hours.  We visit the jailhouse during early morning hours if necessary.  We do our job.

Our focus is our clients.

Hyatt & Hyatt is with you throughout the process.  We counsel our clients as soon as hired.  We visit with law enforcement agencies and local District Attorney's offices.  We call you back.  We talk about immediate concerns and long term ramifications of litigation.  Our firm is our family, and when we're working for you, we bring you into that sphere.