Assaultive Offenses

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Get help immediately

When accused of an assaultive offense, diligent and responsive representation is immediately necessary. An attorney familiar with the various forms of assault under the law, along with first-hand experience with the judicial process, is essential in achieving a desirable outcome. From the moment of an accusation, any number of factors are in play, and having someone by your side that understands the players and pitfalls gives you the best chance of success.

Time is of the essence

Why is time a factor? Everything ranging from potential witnesses, evidence, and fading memory play into why it is important to get help quickly. The attorneys at Hyatt & Hyatt are willing and able to go meet with clients on their terms, when clients need help. We meet after hours, on the weekend, and on holidays. The fact is that these types of accusations can come at anytime, and you need an attorney willing to meet you when you need help.

What we can do for you

Why does experience count? The attorneys at Hyatt & Hyatt have tried assaultive cases with successful results. We go to the scene, have investigators that interview witnesses, and listen to our clients. It is essential that when we go to court we know everything about the allegation. Proper prior planning leads to better outcomes.  In addition to knowing the facts of the case, the attorneys at Hyatt & Hyatt know and understand different aspects of the law.  There are legal considerations that we understand.  Important legal factors include lesser-included offenses, evidentiary rules and nuances of the specific statutes.

Potential Punishment for Assault

What is assault? Chapter 22 of the Texas Penal Code covers various forms of Assaultive Offenses. These offenses range from simple assault (Assault 22.01) to Aggravated Sexual Assault (22.021) and all manner of offenses between. With respect to the different assaultive offenses, the gravity of potential sentences vary dramatically. For example, an assault by mere contact is a Class C Misdemeanor while Aggravated Sexual Assault is a First Degree Felony.