Possession of Marijuana

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Possession of Marijuana

The attorneys at Hyatt & Hyatt have extensive experience defending citizens (and non-citizens) accused of Possession of Marijuana.  The consequences for this type of offense ranges from misdemeanor probation to life imprisonment.  

Levels of Offense

The potential punishment ranges for the offense of Possession of Marijuana vary depending on a couple of factors.  These factors include: the weight of the substance and the criminal history of the Defendant.  Below is a chart that shows the weights and the associated punishment.

Possession of Marijuana § 481.121


Class B Misdemeanor

>2oz, but <=4oz

Class A Misdemeanor

>4oz, but <=5lbs

State Jail Felony

>5lbs, but <=50lbs

3rd Degree Felony

>50lbs, but <=2,000lbs

2nd Degree Felony


5-99 yrs & fine not to exceed $50,000

While the above chart shows the punishment range associated with specific amounts of marijuana, there are additional considerations that can influence the punishment.  The punishment range for offenses can change based on criminal history (enhancements) and where the allegation occurred.  It is important to consult with an attorney that is familiar with the punishment ranges and other consequences of pleading to a Marijuana Possession charge.

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